For years there have been protections for the endangered Gray Wolf population in the U.S. but, that is about to change. According to, a U.S. Senator in Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, Says " The only way the state will ever be able to manage it's Wolf population is if the state lawmakers act". As of tomorrow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will remove the protections from Gray Wolves. This will leave the states and Indian tribes in charge of managing the animals.

Once the Gray Wolves are delisted from the Endangered Species Act, there will be a public comment period. In this period, Wisconsinites can speak their mind and personal views on the decision. Obviously some will want the protections upheld and some will be ready for hunting season. Currently there are 950 wolves in Wisconsin, but they want to bring the number down to 350. I can understand the point of view from farmers, wanting to keep their livestock safe, but I also understand that just killing this many wolves isn't right either. What do you think about the subject?

Gray Wolf Pups Make Their Debut at The Brookfield Zoo
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