If you apply for food stamps in Wisconsin, you may soon be required to take a drug test.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is moving ahead with plans to make Wisconsin the first state to require able bodied individuals take a drug test in order to receive food stamp benefits.

In Wisconsin they have a program called FoodShare which is similar to Illinois' LINK program. Walker's plan, if enacted would add additional eligibility requirements on food stamp recipients.

Other states have tried to implement same rule, but have been blocked by the federal government. In some cases, such a  rule has been found to be unconstitutional.

Should Illinois do the same? A recent unscientific poll by Fox 32 found that 91% of  respondents felt Illinois SHOULD drug test people who use food stamps, while 9% felt it was not a good idea.

The plan in Wisconsin is at least a year away from being implements, if it gets final approval.

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