Well, every man loves his toys but this is ridiculous. If you grew up in the '70s or '80s you're probably a huge fan of Star Wars, G.I Joe or other famous shows or movies of that era. Now the prices of some of this old memorabilia are starting to skyrocket due to the rarity or even the condition that the toy or action figure is in. Collectors out there are paying top dollar these days to get their hands on some of these action figures and toys. The toys that are worth the most are the ones that are still in the box.

According to the City of Madison's Police Chief blog, a man lost his temper thinking his wife messed up some of his collectible toys. The man actually called 911 on himself. The suspect called 911 saying that he had drank too much and overreacted thinking his wife had damaged some of his prized possessions which were his action figures.


The man grabbed a log-splitting axe after his wife had left home and commenced to destroy the house. He took out the TV and TV stand, laptop computer and other items in the house. That's not all either, he traveled outside and smashed the family car. He actually chopped off the side mirrors and buried the axe deep into the windshield where it became stuck.

Police arrived at the scene with the axe still protruding from the windshield and they were able to take the man into custody without incident. He was arrested for Domestic charges of disorderly conduct and felony damage of his own property. When it was all over the damages totaled over 5,000. All that over an Action figure? Wow!

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