A bartender in Wisconsin was hit by a car after he didn't let the driver's dog into the bar.

I'm not sure when it became a "thing," but dog owners have started bringing them everywhere.

I understand a service dog. Those are needed.

I'm talking about just your average pet. There's no reason to take them to the store or a restaurant. Please leave them at home.

Apparently, some people don't agree.

According to nypost.com,

"A Wisconsin man has been charged with a felony hit-and-run after striking a bartender with his car because he was not allowed to bring his dog inside the establishment."

The man wanted to bring his dog inside but was denied. After he left, the bartender was worried the angry customer would do damage to his vehicle. When he went to check, the dog owner ran him over with a car.

Luckily, the bartender only received minor injuries.


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