When I first moved to Wisconsin, one of the things that surprised me most was one of their drinking laws- teens are legally allowed to drink as long as they're accompanied by a parent or adult that's 21 or older.  It blew my mind to see a 16-year-old having a beer with their dad.

It's not so mind blowing now, considering that they just chalk it up to it being the Wisconsin way; which is why this doesn't come as a surprise either- the state is considering lowering the drinking age.

According to TMJ4, a new bill is asking for the drinking age to be lowered to 19, but only if it means that Wisconsin wouldn't lose it's federal highway funds.

The supporters of the bill chose 19 specifically to make sure that high school students aren't tossing back a few cold ones on a school night, causing unnecessary distractions while they're still in school.

But overall, the point they're trying to make is "If you can sign up to give your life for this country, you ought to be able to have a beer.” - Republican Rep. Joel Kleefisch

Would you agree?

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