With police officers in his vehicle, DUI suspect in Wisconsin tries to leave the scene of the crime.

I don't know if they really mean to but many criminals live by the statement "go big or go home." Well, that's at least how their arrests usually go. That don't get busted for just one thing, it's normally several infractions. They tend to bring it on themselves. Not knowing when to quit is definitely the problem.

For example, someone makes the bad decision to drink and drive. They get pulled over but it doesn't stop there. Maybe, they have contraband in the vehicle, get in an accident, or try to take off. The person should've just went with the DUI and stopped there.

Here's an incident that occurred recently in Wisconsin.

This guy is drunk and passes out in his car. The police arrive and this is what happens.

According to channel3000.com,

"The suspect attempted to drive away as officers were trying to get him out of the vehicle.  Officers were in the vehicle as he pressed down the accelerator. Officers were able to get out of the vehicle and he drove a short distance before he abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot."

He would've been much better off by staying passed out.

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