Today I saw something on Facebook that I will never be able to unsee.

No, it was not a disgusting picture or situation. It was simply words that should never be combined, (in my opinion).

Here is the picture I saw in the Wisconsin Dive Bars Facebook group...

Russ Edelburg via Facebook
Russ Edelburg via Facebook

Ok, so, there's a lot to unpack in that photo:

I have no idea who or what the Crivitz Big Fish Gang Bang is, but the creativity of the name certainly makes me laugh.

Any shot with "panties" in the name is probably not something I'd ever agree to do, and reading the ingredients literally gave me the puke spits.

What in the heck is gizzard juice and who is this Kathy with major problems downstairs?!? (the mayo part is putting my mind in bad places).


The Most Disgusting Shot in Wisconsin

Let's start with the questions I can simply answer first;

1. Gizzards are the stomach of a chicken, so I'm pretty sure "gizzard juice" is the juice from a jar of pickled chicken gizzards behind the bar. (YUCK!)

2. The picture is from a bar in Crivitz, Wisconsin which is located about 50 miles north of Green Bay.

Now let's get to the questions I can't answer with absolute certainty:

1. After doing a little social media sleuthing I THINK the Crivitz Big Fish Gang Bang is a charitable event/group that loves fish.

2. A few people commented that the picture was taken at a bar called Thor's Wolverine Den in Crivitz, Wisconsin, and it seems to be on brand for this bar.

To be fair, this bar seems fun and doesn't look entirely "divey" on the inside...

and I'm willing to bet proceeds from the "Kathy's Panties" shots are donated to charity...but I'm still not doing one. I'd rather do 5 shots of Malort.

If you want to enjoy a few laughs at "Kathy's" expense today, read the comments on this post. Folks had some good jokes. Lol!

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