Shout, shout, let it all out; this is the room you've been dreaming about, so c'mon; I'm talking to you, so come on.

I'm especially talking to you if you've ever fantasized about smashing plates and throwing glasses out of anger. Maybe you've always wanted to pull an "Office Space" on your own office printer. How about taking a golf club or a bat to your flat screen TV every time Jay Cutler can't make a complete pass?

If you've ever dreamed of doing any of that, your dream can now become reality at The Rage Room.

According to Fox 6 Milwaukee, The Rage Room, located in Oshkosh, was created for people to have a safe and reasonable way lash out, clear your mind and leave with a smile on your face.

But, it isn't just about taking out anger and aggression, it's also something you can do for fun; whether it be by yourself, a date or a group of friends.

Who wants to go? It's just $30 for a 15 smash session.

By the way, they don't want us bringing or leaving our unwanted items on their doorstep.

You can leave it on mine; we'll just start our own rage room here in Rockford.

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