This burger chain, that beat In-N-Out, makes it so easy to fall in love with them. The burgers with that extra savory flavor, those fries and that custard.

This southern Wisconsin native would like just a moment to brag on his home state, particularly, a burger born 46 years ago in Sauk City, Wisconsin . The ButterBurger from Culver's. As the slogan goes at, "perfected n Sauk City, Wisconsin. Enjoyed far and wide."

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Culver's is the new Best Burger Chain in America, beating out In-N-Out Burger, according to a Restaurant Business report.

Overall, Culver's rated better in ambiance, food and convenience. Both burger chains  were pretty much tied when it came to service and hospitality. In-N-Out rated better for value, but that stat is lost on me as the ButterBurger tastes far superior, so it should cost a little more.

Right now, nothing sounds better than a double Cheddar ButterBurger with onions and pickles. Maybe some fries and frozen custard too. Plus, when I think of all the school and community organizations they partner with for fundraising, they will always have this Madison, WI. native's vote

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