To raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital, Mr. Belden, a 5th grade teacher at McNair Elementary, is riding his bicycle to and from school every day in April. His roundtrip journey is 45 miles per day. Regardless of the weather.


It's a school, and district wide, event for Winnebago, Illinois.

How can you help? Let’s do the math. Mr. Belden is looking for sponsors to help raise money for St. Jude. Sponsors can pledge a flat rate per day, a per/mile pledge, or simply make a flat donation to the cause.

Mr. Belden would LOVE to have as many people sponsor him with a per mile pledge. If you'd like to help there are several ways you can support our mission to and raise money for St. Jude!

You can pledge through a student that currently attends Simon or McNair Elementary Schools, or contact a WMS Student Council, WHS Key Club or National Honor Society member. You can also make a donation online at

Go Mr. Belden Go from the Q Crew!