January 1, 2020 was a big day for Illinois. People waited HOURS in line to get their hands on recreational marijuana. But for some, this might be a new substance they are trying. So the Winnebago County Health Department is making sure everybody knows all the facts about marijuana. 


The Winnebago County Health Department told WREX -

"The Winnebago County Health Department developed this handout as part of a larger campaign to educate the public that substances that are legal are not without health risks. The first handout we did in this campaign was on vaping/e-cigarettes. This handout for marijuana was timely given the recent legalization. Other topics to be included in this campaign address messaging around alcohol, tobacco, and opioids. All of these substances are legal, but have health implications. The goal of these campaigns are (is) to provide the public with information on the health impacts when making a decision to use a substance."

So remember all of this if you plan on being apart of Illinois' legality.

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