There's a new trend happening in Chicago to help shelter pet owners end the constant questions about what type of breed their new furry addition to the family is.

Will this catch on in Rockford?


If you're a owner of a shelter pet you may have had people asking you "Oh what breed of dog is this?" or "what kind of cat is that?... "That dog looks like a Bull dog mix, or ______ (fill in the blank)."

Sometimes you just get tired of it. Am I right?

There's the new trend that's hitting the "Windy City", that I'm wondering will come to Rockford.

It's a Breed Reveal Party.

It's the counter part to us humans having a gender reveal party.

According to NBC Chicagothe adopted pet owners are having their pets, particularly dogs, cheeks swabbed and send their "DNA off to a company to find out." There are many companies that do this including one called Wisdom Panel.

Once you receive the results well that's when the fun begins.

A full blown party is planned and based all around revealing what breed your fur baby is.

Ok, I can see why you'd do it. I mean particularly if you dog or cat seems to have the markings of a particular breed and you're curious about it.

As for me, when I take in a mutt or stray, I just love them for them. I really don't care about their breed. Again, that's just me.

So I ask you again do think this trend will come to Rockford?



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