If you're unfamiliar with net neutrality, it's basically a way to make sure internet service providers aren't slowing down internet speeds just because they can. That could quickly change.

ISPs (internet service providers) don't like it when customers don't subscribe to both internet and cable/TV packages, but many of us do it to save money.

I'm my house we have the cheapest channel package with our ISP and high speed internet service because it's cheaper than getting just internet. The cost of that package on top of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and WWE Network is still cheaper than their "best" package.

Now, according to WGN TV, my internet speeds (and yours, too) could come to a screeching halt.

Under President Donald Trump’s newly-minted chairman, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is altering regulations created to ensure internet service providers (ISPs) grant equal access to all web content — the rules commonly known as “net neutrality.”

Sounds unfair that ISPs could potentially control our download/upload speeds based on how much money we spend with them.

WGN-TV reminds what Pai said when asked about net neutraility back in December.

“I do believe that its days are numbered,’” Pai had said of the net neutrality order. “I’m hopeful that beginning next year, our general regulatory approach will be a more sober one that is guided by evidence, sound economic analysis, and a good dose of humility.”

This is not a 100% sure thing but it is something that raises questions. But before pure panic ensues, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai posted this in a blog.

Our action only impacted 9 of the over 900 providers participating in the Lifeline program. In other words, 99% of the companies participating in the program are not affected at all.

He didn't list the 9 providers, but with my luck - mine will be one of them and quite possibly yours, too.

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