On the internet, you can now purchase unclaimed luggage.

I don't wish this on anyone. You've saved and waited for months to go on an incredible vacation. You go out and buy a bunch of new outfits and other stuff. After the stress of traveling, you finally arrive at your destination. Only to find out, they lost your luggage. What a nightmare. Hopefully, you get it back quickly. There's the possibility that you might never see that suitcase ever again.

Eventually, it has to end up somewhere. Maybe, it's been so long, there's no one to claim it. Well, what happens to it? I have the answer.

According to thrillist.com,

"When your baggage goes unclaimed, it's shipped to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, where they toss your smuggled meats wrapped in an Italia t-shirt and put your clothing and suitcase up for sale. But the 50,000sqft store just launched an online store that presents our greatest losses in grid format"

It's a whole new world of internet shopping and a long time mystery is solved.

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