It has been said that if you swallow the seeds of a watermelon while eating it, it would grow into an enormous fruit inside your belly. If you're like me, you pend plenty of time spitting, and picking the seeds out of your next bite. Not anymore. Here's why.


According to The Hoffington Post, these seeds will not bud fruit inside your body and they shouldn't be tossed or shot at a family member in fun. Instead, you should eat them.Well kind of.

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You shouldn't eat them straight from the fruit. To make the most of them, the seeds need to be sprouted and shelled according to the experts. Once sprouted, shelled and dried, watermelon seeds become edible, protein-packed treasures. Just a one-ounce serving (about 1/8 of a cup) boasts 10 grams of protein -- comparable to the amount found in your Greek Yogurt breakfast treat.

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"Sprouted seeds" according to nutritionists, are germinated and are nigher in nutrients. In the case of a watermelon, the seeds are stripped of their black shells and resemble seeds.

Did you know that Watermelon seeds are packed with protein, vitamin B, magnesium, and have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels, inflammation and risk for heart disease and stroke.

If you've ever daringly chewed on a seed while munching on the fruit, you know they taste nothing like watermelon. Watermelon seeds are most similar to sunflower seeds in flavor.

I've never tried this, but top chefs say they taste great on top of salads, blended into trail mix or eaten out of the palm of your hand.

If you work out, you know most nuts and seeds are good for you. Apparently, watermelon seeds are the best of the best. Who knew?

Personally, it's still fun to see how far you can send those seeds flying in a spitting contest.