It's crunch time for those of us who haven't even begun our taxes.
Good news the due date has been to the 18th, not this Friday the 15th.

But why?

Well typically, according to WGN, tax day is always setfor the 15th of April. Unless of course it falls on a Saturday or Sunday then the due date is moved to the next business day, which is typically that following Monday.

However, this year April 15th lands on a Friday, so why the move?
Well apparently, Washington D.C. has a special holiday that the other 50 states do not recognize.
It's Emancipation Day.

This day "marks the day that the Compensated Emancipation Act was signed by President Abraham Lincoln and is observed on April 16." Emancipation Day is an observed holiday in DC. Meaning that all "public employees are given the day off work." Since the 16th is Saturday, they've moved to celebrate it on the closest weekday, this Friday.

Well, whatever the reason many of us procrastinators are thankful for a an extra few days. Right!?


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