Want to drop & keep off the pounds? Drink Whole Milk.Yes, you read that right. Drink Whole Milk and you can keep off the pounds.

I came across this article where research has shown that drinking high-fat dairy products drops the risk of obesity and those that drink low-fat milk were prone to gain more weight.

Wow! Really? Seems kind of backwards to me. However, the article pointed out that it may be due to the fact that dairy products higher in fat fill you up and make a person less likely to eat more.

Hmmm, Well I guess it's worth a shot to try. I mean it's milk. It can't hurt you. Unless of course you're lactose intolerant, then there could be a problem. Which may be my problem. I'm not a huge Milk drinker. Milk actually doesn't agree with me if I drink too much.

Yet, if you can drink Milk this is another useful tip in battling the bulge.