Brett Eldregde told Ocala Star -Banner that his greatest influence into getting into Country Music was Brooks & Dunn's Greatest Hits CD.

Who was an influence to you in your life's career path?

I like Brett was influenced by music and radio to choose broadcasting as my career.

What sparked it was at the age of 13, I sat listening to, the now defunct, radio station WQFL to win a contest that included music and a t-shirt. I sat by the hours waiting for the sounder to call in.

I never got through to win the contest. However, I was a winner that day. I won the desire to make radio my career.

I knew instantly that I wanted to be on the radio. I loved listening to Liz Wilder on WZOK or  Delilah at night. I wanted to be just like them. 14 years later here I am in still in the career of my choice. Striving hard everyday to learn as much as I can about this business.

I was told by a mentor friend that "Once radio gets into your blood it never leaves". You know he was right.




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