This has honestly never crossed my mind but the man makes some amazing points. Normally when blogging I would give you pieces of a story and then comment or use it to make a point. But, this is so well written, and concerning, that I wanted you to have all the details. If you are a Sox fan like myself, this might worry you a bit. It definitely bothers me.

Wow. Thank you for scaring the crap out of me when I had no idea I should even be worried.

As a Sox fan, I am still salty about the organization threatening to move to Florida. If it weren't for Sox fans AND Cubs fans (thank you by the way) Chicago would only have one baseball team today....literally and not just figuratively.

It really upsets me when an owner of a professional sports team holds it's city hostage. You are a freakin' billionaire thanks to US and now you say you'll move OUR team if we don't pay for your new stadium? Buy your own damn stadium. It's our money in your bank account so use it!

The next part of his article is interesting. Jerry Reinsdorf is old and we all know his love for the Bulls is much larger than his love for the Sox. Apparently, that feeling is also shared with his son who, I'm guessing, is the heir apparent to the Bulls and Sox. Could he end up selling the Sox to an outsider? Would that outsider then move the team if they don't have ties to the city?

Ugh. I think I am gonna be sick just thinking about this. I can't even with this right now. It's Friday and I shouldn't have to worry like this going into the weekend.

The only good news is that we probably have a good decade before anything crazy happens so, PLAY BALL! While we still can.


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