Which of the Cubs Player do you think has the best smile?

If you said Kris Bryant, well you're among good company.

ABC7 Chicago reported this survey through the Chicago Dental Society. Bryant, the Cubs third baseman got 66-percent of the vote; infielder Addison Russell came in second; and outfielder Kyle Schwarber followed in third.

My pick would definitely be Kris Bryant. He's got the smile and those dreamy eyes to go with it. Mmm hmmm...

Dr. Bill Simon from the CDS said that "a great smile like Kris Bryant's can be a key asset in life. You can see and feel his confidence when he smiles after hitting a home run. It's infectious."

Also, studies, through the Wayne State University in 2010, found that a smile can add to a baseball players longevity. Really.

They found that players "who smiled for their pictures on MLB baseball cards lived longer than those who didn't."

Hmmm... so does that mean Kris Bryant will live forever?