It is  my first Labor Day weekend here in the Stateline. Now, I am on a mission to find the best steak to put on the grill. 

In doing some research, here are the top five meat shops in Rockford, according to Yelp.

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According to Jennifer K.:

"Recently we purchased 2 of their "boxes".  One being their beef box and the other being the half hog. Their meat quality is EXCEPTIONAL!  I have purchased chicken at other establishments in a pinch, but will be loyal and true to Pinnon's for all of my beef and hog needs."

Kristen O. Via Yelp

2. Countryside Meats & Deli

The review by Dana B. says:

"I looooooove this place!!!! I am hooked! Never again will a grocery store steak be acceptable. Honestly, the prices are not that much higher than grocery stores, but the QUALITY is way above. But the pest part about Countryside is the staff! Always friendly and nice! I have asked for and received some great advice on cooking and seasoning tips. One time I was running late, and really had a hankering for their rib-eyes, so I called them up and they had my order packaged and ready to go as I ran in at the last minute before they closed - and they couldn't have been more polite or accommodating to me, even though I'm sure that was a bit of a hassle for them! Excellent service, highly recommend!

NIcholas B Via Yelp

Rick M of Zionsville, Indiana has great things to say about this establishment:

"This place has been a Rockford staple forever, and for good reason.  They have pork, beef, and sampler 'boxes' where you can stock up the freezer and save up to 15-20% or more vs a grocery store, and the quality is always first-rate.  I also love the Polish deli meats and the homemade jerky!

Also, while you are at the counter, notice the ANTIQUE cooler door and the conveyor that they use to roll in the hanging meats.  It's a neat store that reminds me of when I was a little kid.  You don't find neat little details like that large chain supermarkets or the grocery aisles of Wal-Mart or Target.

Penguin comes with my highest recommendation."

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4. Mead Longwood Meat Market

Bob M. was a happy customer:

"This place is awesome. He said how thick. I said inch and half. Try that at your megamart. Cook it on the grill. WOW tender, juicy. I can't wait until I'm hungry again I want more. You have to try this place.
Its cheaper than megamarket. A man will hand it to you. You can see the pride his eyes, its the best there is.
I promise the food is much better, meat. Its a butcher shop. Will there be anything else? YES one of everything please.
Next I'm going to try thier whole chickens. Then ribs, then more steak. Burgers HHmmm wish I was hungry.... : )"

Jason K Via Yelp

5. 640 Meats

Alicia G. of Cherry Valley loves this place:

"I absolutely love this place! The meat is always nice and fresh. I go here every year to get my holiday roasts. It is also a place my husband and I will frequent for lunch. The cheeseburgers are delicious and cheap! We have tried a few of the other sandwiches too and have never been disappointed. Waffle fries are awesome! If you are looking for a cheap, delicious meal, you should definitely check it out!"

I have 5 places so far. Now it is your turn to tell me where I need to go. Happy Grilling!!!