Heinz the maker of ketchup and other condiments has rolled out a very special Chicago Dog Sauce for those delicious Chicago Style hot dogs. What is it exactly?


First let's back up a minute.

Everyone knows to enjoy a true Chicago Style Hot Dog one must never, ever put ketchup on it. Right? It's breaking the cardinal rule of Chicago Style Dogs.

Can I tell you a secret? I do put ketchup on mine when not in mixed company. Shhh! It honestly does taste just as good if not better. At least that's my opinion.

So now, back to this new Chicago Dog Sauce. What is it?

DNAInfo Chicago caught up with the condiment maker to find out what this new special sauce was.

It comes packaged in a white bottle with a pretty baby blue label with the skyline of Chicago in the background reading "Chicago Dog Sauce". It looks like ketchup. Can it be...gasp...KETCHUP?

Roll that beautiful Heinz Chicago Dog Sauce footage. Let's find out this mystery.



Haha! Good one Heinz. Playing a sort of Jedi mind trick on Chicago-ans and true Chicago Style dog purist.

In Heinz defense their hope they said is as follows:

"respects [Chicago's] time-honored tradition" of eschewing ketchup, but it is hoping residents will rethink their stance... We know that there will be a passionate response to this product introduction, but are confident that many who try the new Chicago Dog Sauce will agree" the sauce complements Chicago dogs."

I'm just saying don't knock it until you try. You just might like it. Plus, having the special Chicago Dog Sauce will make it OK to glop on your dog. It's making an allowance to slightly alter your Chicago Style dog.

By the way if you'd like a bottle of this sauce it is available on-line for a limited time for just 5 bucks. Click here.


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