Ok, What do these 3 things have in common? It's Sneak Peek #3 from my Retro Prom outfit!

Remember Jelly bracelets? Gosh, when I was pre-teen I had all colors of these not to mention the jelly shoes to match.

Remember those smelly yet colorful shoes? I think those were they early day creation of Croc sandals.

By the way, I found this bundle of jelly bracelets for $2 along with the headband for a $1 at 5Below on State Street. Oh and that super cool belt I got for $10 at Deb in the CherryVale Mall.

Can you tell that I'm getting super excited for this Retro Prom!

I think I'm having more fun in planning and piecing together my wardrobe than should be allowed!

Have you bought your tickets yet? They're only $20 and available now at q985online.com

Don't miss a fun night to get your 70's, 80's or even your 90's on!

Mark the date! May 30th at Giovanni's for the Totally Retro Prom!