Ever wonder if you are the only one who screams at your television set while cheering on your favorite college football team? You may be surprised by the findings from the Big Ten Network. The college football season starts this weekend. Recent findings from The Big Ten Network are worth passing along. 53% of football fans are superstitious and wear certain clothes or shoes which they feel will help their team win.

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Here are some other cool findings which will answer your question 'Am I the only one doing that?'.

40% of fans say that looking away or closing eyes will help their team win when needed.

31% of fans scream at the TV during football games.

62% of people watch college football games at home.

30% of people watch football games at a friend's house

8% of people watch college football games at a neighborhood bar.

Really? I think the last percentage is a little low.

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Go N.I.U Huskies! I have my lucky huskies underwear on today.