So much for crime rates going down. Last week the City and the Rockford Police Department posted on how violent crimes are down this year in Rockford, but for the past week, homicides and assaults have been flooding our new feeds. Today its not any better. According to, this morning a 24 year old man died after becoming another victim to gun violence here in Rockford.

They said the crime rates are down but this time last year we only had 9 homicides. Police were called early this morning to a home in the 3300 block of California road. the 24 year old wasn't the only victim in the shooting. A 26 year old woman was also caught in the crossfire. When they arrived the 24 year old man was found lying in the driveway as was pronounced dead later at a local hospital. At this point we know that the man and woman involved knew each other but no other information has been released.

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