Don't have a boat and want to wake board? No problem, there is even more to enjoy right here in Rockford as West Rock Wake Park is set to expand for the 2017 season.

Grab your wake board and get ready, as the water warms, Rockford's only wake park will re-open for summer, bigger and better than ever. West Rock Wake park offers would be water skippers the opportunity to wakeboard, without the need for a boat. How? It's done by using a cables and a pulley system to propel wake boarders across Levings Lake on Rockford’s Southwest side,and boy does it look fun!

The Rockford Register Star reports that the Rockford Park District has approved a five year lease for the wake board facility on Levings Lake with park owner Dan Jarrett. As a result, Jarrett has announced he intends to increase the size of the park with a full-size cable system which will allow as many as seven riders to wake board across the water at the same time.

Who is ready to 'bonk a buoy' and ready to 'tweak'? (wakeboarder speak, if you will)

Currently. the park features two cable lines, one for beginners, and one for advanced riders. The expansion project is expected to be complete in late June.

Not sure how this works, check out the video below.

Get more information on West Rock Wake park HERE.

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