Remember the excitement of standing in line waiting for to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas.
Here's a few things that kids have asked Santa for that are truly weird.

Buzz Feed has a list of 26 weird items that children have asked Santa for.

Including the following:

- A Gallon Jar of Dill Pickles. I like pickles but a whole gallon jar?

- A live penguin and polar bear

- A little boy asked to change his name to Batman.

- A live octopus or shark (again with the live animals)

- A pan of lasagna. I'm thinking Garfield is his best friend

- Nicole Scherzinger. I'm thinking this might have been for this kids Dad.

- A unicorn that poops rainbows. Wow! Now that is something I'd like to see. haha!

- To destroy all of the Backstreet Boys CD. Haha! Now that I couldn't agree more with.

- A remote control buffalo. Hmmm?? Ok. Not sure what to say about that.

- A liver to play with. Is this a future surgeon or medical researcher on our hands?

- A flying pony (Pegasus). I wonder if this kid is related to the kid wanting the rainbow pooping unicorn?

- A Nordstrom's gift card. wow! this kid has classy, yet expensive tastes.

To see the complete list, click here.

Gosh, all of those crazy requests make the one I made as a four year old pale in comparison of weirdness. I distinctly remember asking Santa for a typewriter. What I actually meant was a cash register. Either way they were both funny requests.

I'm hoping for many of these kids it was just the excitement of seeing Santa that they just couldn't remember the real thing they wanted for Christmas and these things were the first to pop into their heads. I'm guessing that was it.

Do you remember asking for something weird or having your parent tell you later, when you were older, of the funny things you asked Santa for?



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