Guys, if you are willing to show your Cubby "man tears", you may just get into Wrigley Field to cheer on the Cubs in the World Series.

Illinois lifelong Cubs fan Ryan Slagle even admits he shed his man card, because he was caught crying on national TV when the Cubs clinched the Pennant. Of course, they were tears of joy.

On Wednesday night, TV's Jimmy Kimmel tracked down a now smiling Slagle at a Chicago tavern and offered him something spectacular!

WGN-TV reports that Slagle is US veteran who served our country and was stationed in Iraq the last time the Cubs came close to making the World Series in 2003 and had to miss out on the excitement

As a result of all his televised weeping, Slagle is now an internet and TV star, which just goes to show you, guys, weeping can be be a good thing.

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