Having this liquid in your gas tank can cost you and your car in the long run. 

A Rockford gas station got the surprise of their life when a consumer contacted WREX TV last week. The woman said she stopped for gas and later in the evening, her car started to run different.

The next day, her car died and she took it to the dealership. The mechanics told her she had water in her gas tank. Up to 70% of her tank was nothing but water.

The gas station where she purchased the gas did take care of her expenses and also apologized.

Here are one way you know if your car has water in the gas line, according to Bell Performance.

A sudden change in the performance of your vehicle. 

If you are on empty and you fill up your gas tank, and all of the sudden your vehicle is starting to run different, water in the gas tank could be the problem. Especially if you have never had an issue with the car before. If you car starts to sputter and then when you push on the acceleration, the car just doesn't want to go.

What do you do if you have this problem? There are a couple of ways of doing it. One is the old fashion way and syphon the old gas and then put new in. It is time consuming, but you are going to save hundreds, if not thousands in costs to fix your vehicle.

The other way, and this is only if you have a minimal amount of water, is to use Heet. According to goldeagle.com, Heet has more than one use. It not only keeps your gas line from freezing up

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