She's not talking about the the side effect you get from fast food, but gas that could harm your car and cost you hundreds of dollars.

In a post that has been shared over 2600 times in the 24 hours, Karen Lark is warning motorists about the bad gasoline that was allegedly purchased at a BP gas station in Oregon, IL on Sunday.

According to the post, Eric Hartman stopped to fill his gas tank up at the BP on Washington St (RT 64) Oregon IL. He pumped pumped premium gas at a cost of nearly $50, but according to Lark, the gas was bad

Lark alleges that Hartman had to have his car towed at a cost of $150 as a result of the gas, after spending two hours sitting in his car. She also alleges that he had to purchase a special tool to remove the bad gas from the gas line at a cost of $40.

Lark posted a photo of the alleged bad gas HERE.

No word on if Lark contact BP corporate to file to lodge an official complaint.

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