I've seen some pretty impressive holiday light displays in my life. Whether it's a professionally made show or just a neighborhood display, I've seen a bunch. And they're always impressive, but it's pretty hard to make your show completely unique from the rest.

But what if your holiday display included 32 singing light up porta-potties? I'd say that's pretty unique.

I present to you - the BEST holiday light display I've truly ever seen in my 25 years of life. The display is put on by Service Sanitation. Get ready for the most hilariously amazing 2 minutes and 50 seconds of your day.

And of course they're called #JingleJohns

Like WHAT? I haven't laughed this hard in so long, I can't get over it. So the caption details -

The #JingleJohns have officially set a World Record for the most animated faces on a single holiday light display.

But according to UPI -

Steve Dykstra, director of marketing for the company, clarified the feat was not an official Guinness World Record, but the company considers it to be a world record because they could not find any other videos online to dispute the claim.

A Guinness representative said the record-keeping organization does not monitor records involving animated faces in holiday light displays. But I mean, let's be honest, have you ever seen this done before? I'm almost positive this has got to be record breaking. Even if it doesn't break records, it should definitely break the internet.

I never knew how badly I needed festive singing porta-potties in my life.

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