Live T.V. is unforgiving, and apparently so is WGN Morning News Anchor Robin Baumgarten. What she says, goes and you better freakin' listen to her or she will light you up...even on live television. Whoa!

So here's the setup, brace yourself for a trip to Meltdown City...Robin Baumgarten told her co-host apparently SEVERAL TIMES how she wanted this newscast done. When Larry Potash (the annoyed guy on the left) skipped over a story and didn't follow the order properly, all hell breaks loose.

YouTube - WGN TV

Larry had enough of the lecture and walked off set, well at least off the main camera view. She totally let's him have it, and doesn't hold back an ounce. It was a lot like a bunch of kids talking in class and the teacher singled out one student and goes nuclear on him. Wow!

YouTube - WGN TV

Larry goes off camera to hide his emotions, and the camera followed him. He took all pretty good and tried to ham it up a bit for the camera to not show too much frustration. Eating and chewing and spitting out paper on live T.V.

At one point, Larry walked over to the sports set and simply avoided the drama the unfolded, by sitting in the background.

YouTube - WGN TV

This meltdown on LIVE TV was the mother of all meltdowns, I give Larry credit for nit snapping and keeping his cool during all this.

Here is the complete clip, it runs about two minutes total and is some of the best you'll see. You will actually feel like YOU are in trouble when you watch it.

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