As a Wisconsin native, this made laugh a lot. There are some city names that are near impossible to say correctly. Wait until you see the ones he got right.

In town to promote Milwaukee's Summerfest, Chance The Rapper stopped by the WISN Studios to sit down with (recent Wisconsin transplant) Diana Gutiėrrez.

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After their chat about one of the most-loved music festivals in the world, Diana asked if Chance would like to play a game. You can kind of tell by his facial expression that he wasn't so sure it would be a good idea. Regardless, he said yes.

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The 'Wisconsin City Name' Game

This is the game WISN'sDiana Gutiėrrez had ready for Chance.

Take a look at the video below and see if you know how to pronounce the names of some of these cities, many of which, were derived from Native American words.

Can you pronounce these cities in Wisconsin?




Prairie du Chien

Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, here's a pronunciation guide to some of Wisconsin's most difficult city names to pronounce.

I'm from the state and still struggle with some of these.

Good luck!


Pronounced: WAW-ki-shaw


Pronounced: oh-CON-oh-moh-wok


Pronounced: MAN-i-tuh-wok


Pronounced: SHU-tek


Pronounced: JILL-it


Pronounced: Eye-OH-luh


Pronounced: why-uh-WEE-guh

Prairie du Chien

Pronounced: Preh-ree doo SHEEN


Pronounced: WAH-nuh-key

Speaking of tough names to pronounce,

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how about Milwaukee Bucks star, Giannis Antetokounmpo. Pronounced: YAH-nis AHN-teh-tuh-KOOM-poh.

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