The most surprising part of this girl fight is that the melee wasn't between fans of each team. This was an all Sox fan fight.

This three-way beatdown happened at Monday night's White Sox / Cardinals game, which the Sox won 5-1, by the way. In the stands at Guaranteed Rate Field, another game was playing out. A game we get to play right now. That game would be trying to figure out what was actually going on

What started out as a fight between two women, quickly escalated to three women, duking it out in the left field bleachers.

Don't you want to know what started this thing? I want to know so badly. Mostly because it probably started over something so small and then got way out of hand. Not that I think it could've been stopped.

If I've learned anything about drinking and fights, bystanders need to remain just that, by standers. Getting help if it gets way out of hand is good, but never get in the middle. In my experience, you can help stop a fight between two guys, but NEVER GET IN THE MIDDLE OF A GIRL BRAWL as they will all turn on you.

Twitter, of course, had the best reactions.

@doubleadub for the win!

[H/T NY Post]

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