Parents, the next time you take your kids to Woodfield Mall and you promised them a treat or a snack if they could survive the shopping trip without having any kind of complaints, maybe think twice before getting them Dragon's Breath candy; especially if they have asthma.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, a Florida mom says her son could've died after eating the liquid nitrogen infused dessert.

Not familiar with Dragon's Breath candy? I wasn't either. It's basically made by coating cereal puffs in liquid nitrogen, and when you eat it, it looks like you're breathing fire like a dragon.

Racheal McKenny said that her son started coughing and had trouble breathing on their drive home, but she didn't have his inhaler at the time. She had to act quickly and ended up driving to a fire station, where fire fighters albuterol, an IV and took him to the hospital.

Doctors did confirm that the nitrogen gas from the candy is what triggered the asthma attack.

McKenny is now warning other parents to avoid this snack, even if your child has a mild case of asthma. She also acknowledged that she made a big mistake by not bringing her son's inhaler and that she should've known better; so, relax parent shamers.

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