The last few weeks have been interesting to say the least. They cancelled concerts and sporting events because they didn't want large crowds. Then schools and businesses started to close for the same reason. However, grocery stores have remained open. To me that kind of defeats the whole purpose of this if people can still congregate in large groups in a relatively small place.

Sure some grocery stores allow you to order online and have it delivered or picked up in the store, but not enough people are doing that. Something tells me Walgreens is ahead of the curve on this.

One of the things I've been waiting for is stores to close except for employees. Customers can order online and the stores employees would be delivery drivers. Essentially a restaurant but for groceries. That way people aren't crowding into a place together. Walgreens has introduced drive-thru shopping according to WTVO.

Basically, you pull up and ask for a menu of available items, including household goods, pain relief, cough and cold products, baby formula, medical supplies, and grocery items. You give them your order, Walgreens puts it together for you and on the way you go. Grab more info on their website.

Should more stores be doing this to stop the crowds from gathering? Tell us in the comments below.

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