Volkswagen's Golf snagged the North American Car of the Year trophy, coming out with the most votes from a panel of 57 jurors representing dozens of print, online and broadcast operations. You will be shocked when you find out which model it beat out.
According to USAToday, The Hyundai Genesis premium sedan and Ford's overhauled 2015 Mustang were the other finalists. What? Yes, the V.W. Golf beat out the Ford Mustang.

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Though Golf's won a number of other prizes since it went on sale earlier this year, it still was a bit of a surprise, because there was wide expectation the nod would go to Ford's completely re-done 2015 Mustang. That was my choice before the voting results were even disclosed.

The sentiment was expressed not just by auto writers. For example, AutoTrader asked its readers who they favored to win. The result was a Ford sweep by a landslide: 70% said Ford Mustang for car; 56% said Ford F-150. American classics, many noted.

A companion award is given to the highest-ranking truck of the year -- F-150 this year.

Of 570 possible points, Golf got 256, Mustang got 204 and Genesis, 110.

Finalists aren't compared to one another, but to others in their segment. The award is meant to "honor new benchmarks in their automotive segments in areas ranging from design and safety to innovation and value for the dollar."

Last year's winner was the Chevrolet Corvette.

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If you're in the market for a car, you may want to give the Golf another look.

Personally, I am still lovin' the Silverado these days...