Watch what happens when this veteran, after a lengthy illness, goes to PetSmart to buy his dogs back after they were put up for adoption. A huge surprise awaited him.

Here's the backstory to catch you up to speed about what you're going to see. reports that when this veteran was hospitalized he couldn't take care of his two dogs. The local PetSmart offered to take the dogs in until he was released from the hospital. Unfortunately the man was ill for much longer than the time allowed for PetSmart to to board his dogs. The store had to put them up for adoption. When he was able to gather the money, $250, required to purchase his dogs back. Watch what happens.

Get your Kleenex out this will certainly make you tear up.

Also you'll need to turn the sound up to hear the audio of this video.

Heres the video to the story!

Posted by Lindsay Marie on Thursday, December 17, 2015


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Wow! Talk about a good deed done by PetSmart right.

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