Nothing is as fun as upgrading your phone or tablet.

However, now you're left with your old gadget that functions just isn't new any more.

Here's some great uses for them.

Obviously, selling it, giving it away or finding a recycling center is an option for your old phones and tablets.

However, according to Kim Komando in USA Today, there are several good uses for your older gadget that you can use for yourself.

For instance, you can give them to your kids to play games on or watch videos, etc..

Or, how about turning it into an alarm clock for yourself. Now you can let your new phone charge in the other room without being awoken by emails and other notifications going off in the night.

You can also turn these into a security camera, a universal remote for home and even a dedicated music player for your car. Neat!

So before you toss it into a bag in your closet to collect dust or give it away, maybe you can upcycle it for your own use.

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