Many have asked us if we knew what has happened to the woman who was struck by lightning at Country Thunder.

Well here's an update on how she is doing.

NBC Chicago shares their interview with Brittney Prehn just two months after being struck by lightning at Country Thunder on July 20th.

Brittney recalls the moments right before she was struck by lightning. She said "she was on the phone at the time, trying to find her friends" when "I got directly hit but the phone took part of the hit and that's why my phone got thrown and there are two holes in the ground."

Brittney spent over a week in intensive care due to having "fractures in her head, bleeding in her brain, and severe burns" from the lightning strike.

The after effects from the lightning has caused issues with here hearing and walking but overall Brittney "says the ordeal has changed her outlook on life."

"I see people walk around all upset and miserable," she said. "You're alive. You're here. You can hear. You can walk. You can see. I don't know. One day you could get hit by lightning and your whole world can be changed."

In all honesty, she is a walking miracle and so blessed to be here today alive, talking and walking.

If you'd like to help Brittney as continues heal and recover her family and friends are holding a fundraiser "to help with medical bills this Saturday at Niko's Red Mill Tavern in her hometown of Woodstock from 1 to 6 p.m."

Click here to earn more about Brittney's fundraiser this Saturday!





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