When the whole debate over "The Dress" being gold and white or black and blue began, it drove me nuts, but eventually I could see both options in the same photograph. I understood how people were seeing differences.

This is not the case with the latest social media debate...

Maybe not, but some Reddit users are claiming that the difference comes from the amount of bass on the device you are listening to it on, or the amount of distance you are from the device when you hear it.

You guys, I was really feeling like I was legit crazy until I found this savior who messed with the pitch of the audio and Tweeted it out....

I finally heard "Yanny" in the first 2 examples, but the pessimist in me still doesn't understand how those examples are all from the same audio clip.

Is this a conspiracy?!? Why are our brains playing tricks on us?!?

Pretty sure I need a drink now, and I'll be toasting it to "Laurel".

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