So last week I took my first step to being a True Rockfordian with a trip to Beef-A-Roo, to try their famous cheddar fries.This week it's on to step two, Portillo's Hot Dogs.

Drenched in fabulous 50's charm this diner was super busy. The drive-thru was like an assembly line with post-it notes attached to people's car. I stood in line for a bit and ordered a jumbo Chicago style Hot dog but I didn't stop there. I have heard tales of a really tasty Italian beef sandwich so I ordered that too.

In about ten minutes they called my number and it was time to grub. The hot dog was tasty, not some cheap imitation but the real thing, even the bun was legit complete with poppy seeds. It was probably the best Hot Dog I've had in years. Now, It was on to the Italian beef sandwich and it was tender and juicy with the right amount of kick with the peppers. Even the fries were pretty good, and you just have to love all the antique signs, neon, antique toys and not to mention the 1950's tunes playing throughout the restaurant. It was a definite blast from the past.

When I was younger you could find those lovely 50's style diners everywhere but just like the music, it's getting fewer and farther between. So what's next for me to become a True Rockfordian? Only time will tell but I'm sure you'll hear about it soon.

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