Hmm... what are the rules of Christmas cards?

I'm 30, single and childless. Do I have to send Christmas cards?

While I've been in the same life position for years, for some reason, this year, I'm thinking... wait am I suppose to send them?

I get them sent to me, and not just one, I just a good amount and I appreciate them. Right now my desk is decorated with cute kids and dogs from my friends and family.

Oh, yeah, I also have no pet, and I'm not borrowing my parents' dog to send cards.

So if I am supposed to send Christmas cards my options are:

Buying a box of cards from Target that are boring and signing my name

Sending a photo card of myself... which let's face it maybe my grandma would want, but that's it.

So the question is, all of my friends out there that do send me Christmas cards, do you care that you don't get one from me in return?

Is it a waste to send a Target card?

How much do stamps cost these days?

Sincerely, Michelle

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