Absolutely heartbreaking. Many tornado victims never get the chance to say goodbye. However, an Arkansas teen did get the opportunity to say a final farewell to his mother as the massive tornado approached.

Pictures of text messages sent by a boy to his mother just before a tornado strikes the home he where he was taking shelter in is going viral on Twitter and Facebook. On April 27, according to KNWA-TV in Arkansas, Jeffrey Hunter sent his mom, Regina Wood, a series of texts as he hid in his bathroom while a tornado approached.

One of the texts reads: “Goodbye mama.” It was sent just as the tornado was about to hit. Regina at the time was about 20-miles away when she texted him back, asking him if he was OK. Sadly, she never got a response. Her son, Jeffrey, died from his injuries. He was with his father and step-mother, but they survived.

Regina told the TV station that she takes comfort in the fact that her son was able to say "goodbye".