If you or someone you know is pouring over baby name books trying to find that perfect name for your soon to be little one, maybe the top names for babies in Illinois can help.

I mean it you can name your child something that's in and popular. Or, more likely, save their furture teachers headaches of having several children running about with the same name.

According to a study release by the Social Security Administration (via WGN), the top boy names in Illinois for babies in 2017 were: Noah, Liam, Benjamin, Logan and Alexander.

The top girl names in Illinois were: Olivia, Emma, Ava, Sophia and Isabella.

Apparently, nationwide the top Boy and girl name from all 50 states are Liam and Emma.

Hopefully, these names are a help to you in whichever direction your leaning towards in naming your bundle of joy once they arrive.

Congratulations and best wishes.








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