Oooh. It's Summer time and that means time for fairs and festivals.

My favorite thing at fairs besides the the great music and the music is the food especially Lemonade Shake-Ups!

According to this list Lemonade, or for me Lemonade Shake-Ups, are #6 of the Top 10 Fair Foods. Really number 6? Hmm. Well At least it's on there. I guess not everyone enjoys it as much as I do to make it #1 on the list.

Here's a look at the the Top 10 Fair Foods:

10. Deep Fried Cookies

9. Sausage

8. Fudge

7. Fried Candy Bars

6. Lemonade

5. Turkey Legs

4. Candies Nuts

3. Doughnut Burger

2. Corn Dogs

1. Funnel Cake

I'm surprised Cotton Candy and Elephant Ears aren't on there. Or what about those Shish kabobs you can get at the Boone Co. Fair. Or better yet Cheese curds? Or even ice cream.

Is your favorite on there?

This weekend Q98.5 will out at Old Settler's Days in Rockton, IL and for sure I will be hitting up a stand for a Lemonade Shake-Up.

Hope to see you there!

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