Have you ever imagined what it's like on Toby Keith's tour bus?

Well, on September 8, Keith will fans a glimpse inside his four-wheel haven when he releases his new not-so-commercial album The Bus Songs. With tracks featured tracks like "Wacky Tobaccy," "Shi--y Golfer" and a newly recorded version of "Weed with Willie," don't expect to hear many of these ditties in rotation on your local radio station.

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Instead, Keith is delivering 12 tracks of road-tripping fun that wavers from adult situational humor to self-deprecation and other cheeky subject matter.

The lead track, "Wacky Tobaccy," launched with a music video that was appropriately filmed on a tour bus and features a jam session with Willie Nelson. The song lyrics are aggressively straight-forward, as Keith never tiptoes around the tune's actual meaning:

"Know you can two tote her / You can one hit him / Puff it in a pipe / And you can twist it in a stem / You can bake it in some brownies / Smoke it through a bong / Roll up a great big fat one / Like ol' Cheech and Chong / Burn it through a hole in a can of Budweiser / If you can't take the heat, son, vaporizer."

Fans can pre-order The Bus Songs on July 21 via iTunes.

Toby Keith's The Bus Songs Track Listing:

1. "Shi--y Golfer"
2. "Wacky Tobaccy"
3. "Runnin' Block"
4. "Brand New Bow"
5. "Call a Marine"
6. "Hell No"
7. The Critic"
8. "The Size I Wear"
9. "Ballad of Balad"
10. "Rum Is the Reason"
11. "Weed With Willie" (Live)
12. "Get Out of My Car" (Live)

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