If you purchase a lot of tickets through the ticketmaster site. Get this they may owe you free tickets, because of years of high processing fees for on-line tickets.

WGN reports that a $400 Million class action lawsuit was brought against the company for several of charging too high of processing fees when purchasing tickets through them.

Approximately, this lawsuit effects 50 million people.

Ticket master has agreed to pay each customer 2 free general admission tickets (at select events) for every ticket order they made through the company between October 1, 1999 through February 27, 2013.

Wow! That's a long time they were over charging customers!

To see if you are eligible for free tickets here is what you need to do:

"Log into your account and click the 'Active Vouchers' link. If you received any vouchers or discount codes they should show up on that page. Each Ticket Code can be redeemed for two general admission tickets. However, they’re only available on a first-come-first-serve basis for select events," which will be listed on a special website just for ticket redemption.

Well, friend you better get to checking this out now and get what's due to you.