I love looking through old Q98.5 photos, and this picture with Billy Currington is one of my favorites!

This pic is from 2006 when Billy Currington was in town for his first On The Waterfront festival. It was also my first time meeting Billy, and as you can tell, I was a bit giddy about it! It was also a fabulous excuse to grab on his muscles. I ain't no dummy!

Then he returned for what was to be the last year of On The Waterfront in 2012. People were certainly crazy for Billy Currington...Who can blame them?

Billy is a real sweetheart, and puts on one heck of a show I promise you! "I Got a Feeling" you are going to love it if you have never seen him before.  If you don't have tickets yet for tonight's show at the NIU Convocation Center, good news, they are still available. Get all the details here.

While I was digging through old On The Waterfront photos, I found these two gems which I had to share...

You can't really tell from the pic, but Steve's glasses had lights all around them. Safe to say he was lit in more ways than one.

This pic is from 2005, before photobombing was the cool thing to do.