Mondays can be tough. It's hard to get out of bed and motivated after a fun filled weekend. Sometimes you just need a smile to start your attitude on the right foot for the work week ahead. Ice cream, a cute baby, and funny dogs should do the trick right?

First off, I think I am obsessed with ice cream right now. I swear I hear the ice cream truck music all the time at home. You would think I was pregnant again, (NO, I am not) for how much I crave ice cream right now. So, this discovery just made my day: 28 ways to eat ice cream.

First smile of the day achieved. Then, I came across this video. My dogs don't steal Ella's toys yet, but they do place their toys in front of her which she then chews on. Yuck! Wish I could catch some cuteness on video like this...


Second smile of the day achieved, and for the third smile there is this. To me, dogs can be the ultimate comedians. 31 dogs who failed so hard they won.

Hopefully this helped make your Monday just a little bit better.